Is your newlywed daughter homesick?
Did your son in Israel just have a baby?
Want to send a unique birthday or anniversary gift?
A delicious homemade package from Muffins & Greens is sure to do the trick!

The packages below include 2 servings of a complete meal.

Boutique Breakfast

6 creamed mushroom blintzes
choice of: caesar salad / greek salad
2 morning glory muffins



choice of 6: breakfast rolls / onion rolls / garlic pita
Tuna Salad
Egg Salad
choice of: caesar salad / greek salad
choice of: dairy souffle / mini cheesecake


Gourmet Lunch

Mama’s vegetable soup
Choice of pasta – click here to view
Nishnushim salad
Chocolate mousse / chocolate souffle


Healthy Express

4 whole wheat / spelt breakfast rolls
Lettuce salad with low fat dressing
choice of: red lentil / split pea soup
2 pc grilled salmon
choice of: green beans / roasted vegetables
choice of: sorbet / fruit soup (no sugar added)


Dairy Delights

6 mini pizzas
Onion cheese soup + croutons
Lettuce salad with roasted vegetables
2 mini cheesecakes


Deluxe Package

Zucchini cheese salad
Mama’s Vegetable soup
Choice of salmon (2 pc) – click here to view
String beans
Choice of: baked potatoes / rice
Chocolate chip cookies


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