Faigy Winkler lives with her family in one of the northern neighborhoods of Jerusalem.
She began cooking in the kitchen from a young age, and as a kollel wife she has perfected her skills and developed her creativity. Faigy is now the owner and head chef at Muffins & Greens – dairy and pareve catering. Using high quality ingredients and creative design she brings her delicious homemades to a classic, appealing result.

All ingredients are Badatz Eidah Chareidis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order something that is not on the menu?
Yes! If it happens that I dont have the recipe you would like – I’ll be happy to get it from you.
Can you accommodate specific diets and allergies?

For the most part, yes. Though, there may be extra costs involved.
For example, to use whole wheat is +20%

Do you offer setup for an event?
Not at this time.
Can I change my order once it's placed?
Depends on how much notice you give. Please be in touch so I can figure out how to accommodate your request.
Can you add a note to my order?
Do you offer delivery?
Yes, within Yerushalayim. Please note: it is not included in the price (can cost up to 120₪).

Do You Still Have Questions?